Rose Cohen Hassan,

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach,

BA in Philosophy, Masters in Divinity,  

Masters in Sacred Theology in Spiritual Direction

Rose has a keen ability to keep me focused. When my thoughts run into one another she always reels me back in and reminds me just what it is I'm up to. She doesn't let me get lost in myself. - Meg Buck, Certified Life Coach, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Rose continuously helps me to get to the "root" of situations and focus on plans that will help me achieve results and to move forward on my journey. - Cathie, Seminary Student and Accounts Salesperson, Mahwah, NJ

Rose has guided me on my journey though thoughtful questions. I have never felt judged by Rose which allows for a freedom when you are speaking to her. -Glenda, Parish Administrator, Ridgefield, NJ

Rose has helped me connect with my inner spiritual sense in making vocational decisions and transitions. She has helped me become a better advocate for myself and others as I assess my gifts, talents, and weaknesses. - Marge, Clergyperson, NJ

Rose has helped me deal with family members' suffering from debilitating Bi-Polar mood swings and with cancer which has held me together several times. -Judy, retired, Brewster, MA

Rose listened to me in a way that drew out tremendous insights. In one moment, I might be describing something mundane and in the next, framing my habits or feelings in terms I had never used before, trying to keep my amazement in check long enough to finish my thought. Rose empowered me to shine a light on the aspects of my life that I had not liked to think about and gave me a new vocabulary for understanding them. My personal progress in the time since we worked together has been enormous, and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of her contribution. - Andy, English Teacher, China

You taught me how to spot & deal with the "gremlin," that damn killjoy that always kept me from being who I wanted to be. I'm not there yet, but I'm on my way! - Cindy, Writer and Editor, Bayonne, NJ 

I could begin a session feeling too tired and too empty to participate and by the end, feel ready to take on my world. Through Rose's support, I was able to discipline myself and build momentum to pursue various goals – i.e., finding a flexible and satisfying work arrangement, getting my house ready to sell.  I was always looking for approval before I tried to accomplish anything. I had lost sight of what direction I wanted to go in and only did things that pleased others. I can now focus on what my true goals really are and not what I think somebody else expects me to do. Rose's coaching helped set me on the right path and made me realize that I controlled my own destiny. - Dee, Tech Analyst, Union, NJ