What does it mean to live healthfully? 

Many of us have a concept of being healthy that has been given to us by the culture in which we live: thin, young and beautiful.  For most of us, this image is unattainable. And, frankly, it is unhealthy!  

First of all, we certainly can't be young forever.  Secondly, our culture tells us that we need to be almost emaciated to be beautiful.  Like many other people, I would like to challenge these concepts that have been ingrained in American culture since the '60's.

To live healthfully requires just a few things: to eat healthfully, to eat the same amount or less calories than we expend, and to get physically active.  Most of us know this! Yet, for many of us, it is very difficult to implement.

If you want to begin living in a more healthful way, all you have to do is begin by changing one thing.  Don't try to change everything all at once - that is just a set up for failure.  Pick one thing to change - and pick something that will be relatively easy to incorporate into your life.  Try it for a few weeks - and when you have been successful, then try to incorporate something else. 

One step at a time you will be able to move from where you are now, to where you want to be!  You can live healthfully. You CAN do it! 


AuthorRose Hassan