I am embarking on a new phase of my journey: blogging on my coaching website.  My goal is to blog at least once a week. 

I just came home from spending a week as a chaplain at a youth camp.  It was a wonderful, but exhausting week.   Children and youth were having fun while learning how to build self confidence and relationships.  I am awed by the transformation that can happen in people's lives when they put themselves in places and/or situations that can help them.  For these children, of course, it was their parents that sent them to camp.  

Almost all of the children and youth jumped into activities in what could have been a very frightening situation: going to camp for the first time.  They climbed a rock wall, and walked in high ropes with others.  They made friends and they helped each other.

Most of all, they learned that there was something eminently lovable about themselves and about everyone else. 

Isn't this something that we all need to remember at times in our lives?

AuthorRose Hassan